n.1.The quality or fact of being attractable.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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tenellum is one of the most economically important native species in Mexico (Perez-Velazquez et al., 2011), this work aims to evaluate different attractability systems to establish a proper methodology for studies of chemoattraction of feed and feed ingredients in prawns.
One of the men in our discussions surmised...hijab is reconciliation between security and attractability (M).
Zeng, "An improved criterion for stability and attractability of memristive neural networks with time-varying delays," Neurocomputing, vol.
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These distrupting factors can be (1) human alterations to environments reducing pollinator abundance (agriculture, pesticides effect); (2) the effect of invasive, ineffective pollinator species that exclude effective native pollinators from floral resources (pollinator competition); and (3) introduced exotic flowering plants with higer attractability than native flowering plants [5].
2000) but also can likewise contribute to the improvement of the product palatability and attractability thereby enhancing feed consumption and thus resulting in better growth (Watanuki et al.
So we only need to prove its global attractability. It is easy to know that S(t) < [N.sup.0] = (1 - (m/r))k.
RDA executive director Bill Hanna has said the Gateway Project will upgrade the standards and attractability of Porter lots and zoning parcels that sit empty or are under-utilized near the Indiana 49/U.S.
We should retain the Vulcan's charm, its tourist attractability (it's in the top 50 best UK pubs, according to Camra, the Campaign for Real Ale) and its delight.
Locatability/ Number of Active Visitors Attractability = _________________________ Efficiency Number of Hits
To formulate diets that meet prawn nutritional requirements at low cost, it is necessary to perform studies about protein alternative sources with good attractability and palatability, this might improve its efficiency for culture purposes (Montemayor-Leal et al., 2005; Sacristan et al., 2014).