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1. attribute.
2. attributive.
3. attributively.
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For instance, many REITs highlight the savings in energy costs attrib utable to implementing more sustainable practices.
Also attrib. especially in baton charge, a charge made by police constables with drawn truncheons; also baton round, a rubber or plastic bullet (as fired from a baton gun).
(67) Nicholas Udall (attrib), Respublica: An Interlude for Christmas 1553, ed.
Name of Dataset (n) attrib) (d) (k) 1 Poker Hand 1025010 10 10 2 Letter Recognition 20000 16 26 3 Magic Gamma Telescope 19020 10 2 4 Synthetic Control 600 60 6 Chart Time Series Table 1(W): Poker Hand data set--varying k (no.
The topic of discussion Jeans towards the scene's present stalemate, attrib uted to many of the same woes present in most local rap scenes: radio stations failing to spin local records, too much thematic focus on aggression, murder and the dope game and an overall lack of unity.
Leadership skills and attrib utes of women and nurse executives: Challenges for the 21st century.
Personally, I would mistrust any politician who spoke of immigration only, whose sole policy concerned immigration, or who attrib uted all of his society's ills to the excessive presence of immigrants.
The views expressed in this article are those of the author and should not be attrib uted to the Government of Canada.
Distribution of Output, Weighted Pages per Capita 2000-2006 Various Weighting Schemes Equal Gibson KMS MSF Share of Total Output/Excluding Phillips Attrib. To Top 10% 41.5 48.1 63.3 47.5 Attrib to Top 25% 67.9 76.6 88.6 75.3 Attrib.
Donglin shiba gaoxian zhuan, attrib., Huiyuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (334-416), in Xu Zangjing [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], no.
H[ans] E[worth], attrib. Elizabeth I and the Three Goddesses (1569).