a. & adv.1.Twisted; distorted; awry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She corkscrews the hoop from her hand above her head down to the waist and then back up again, walking effortlessly forward, backward or sideways - or doing the grapevine - while keeping the hoop atwirl.
Whereas traditional conservatives believe that free markets create the most wealth for all, Rand praised capitalism in moral terms: great achievers have a right not to be held back, she grimly argued, her dramatic cape atwirl and her gold dollar brooch shining.
Dropping back in trip has been the making of Atwirl, who bolted up in the 7f race for Declan Daly and Dane O'Neill, while Tartan Special, who has managed only two places from 17 attempts, relished his first experience of the Polytrack by taking the finale under Lee Enstone.
Another New York wedding that had the entertainment and society world atwirl was the wedding of producer and television writer Susan Marya Fales to financial executive Aaron Christopher Hill.
Or happy for, barometric pressure working its swings into the heart: midnight atwirl with street flutes, feet tapping for silver coin; morning rains sheeting the river bars, the outdoor markets slung with garlic chains, a hex to cast out any devils, while hail-Mary- full-of-grace rose through the drizzle, sister-song of a fickle city.
Kempton: 2.30 By Storm, 3.00 Desert Dust, 3.30 Atwirl, 4.00 Secret Vision, 4.30 Sharaab, 5.00 Monte Major.