adv.1.In two; in twain; asunder.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A man has been taken to hospital with "serious injuries" following atwo vehicle crashinGuildford.
HUJRA SHAH MUQEEM -- aTwo brothers were allegedly subjected to severe physical and sexual torture on refusal of doing labour for local landlords at a suburban village of Hujra Shah Muqeem the other day.
ATWO.YEAR.OLD girl has died in Merthyr Tydfil after an incident involving an "unoccupied vehicle", police have said.
ATwo young adult books for WBD are: Spot the Difference by Juno Dawson (Hot Key), an exclusive WBD story about bullied Avery, who learns to become comfortable in her own skin, and Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell (Macmillan Children's Books).
"We got EU funding for atwo lane bridge, but just built a bridge with a single lane and lights at each end to control the traffic flow.
ATwo weeks ago it was when a senior nurse's letter - pinned to a staff notice board at UHW - described how the extreme pressures colleagues faced in its A&E department were more stressful than those faced nursing the wounded during the 2003 Iraq war.
Fiona Wilson by email ATWO things to consider: if it''s a cooking or tobacco stain, you have to wash the area with sugar soap before painting.
Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Katsuya Okada arrived in Sri Lanka on atwo day state visit on 4th May in order to improve bi-lateral ties and towitness the progress of several Japanese funded development projects.
- Kevin Fisher, Dagenham ATWO grand is mental money to black a few wheels.
ATwo B Three C Four If you think you know the answer, call our competition hotline on: 0901 609 1796 Leave your answer along with your name, address and daytime telephone number.
Finally, in "The Blackbird," Aone and Atwo, men who grew up together but later strayed apart, meet briefly.
aTwo others, with a total generating power of a2 GWe, are under firm order in Slovakia (where two other units are to be shut down).