à gogo

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à go·go

or à·go-go (ə-gō′gō′)
In a fast and lively manner: dancing à gogo.
n. pl. à go·gos or à go-gos
A nightclub for fast, lively dancing.

[French à gogo, galore, from Old French a gogo : a, to (from Latin ad; see ad-) + gogo (probably reduplicated form of gogue, merriment).]

à gogo

(ə ˈɡəʊˌɡəʊ)
adj, adv
informal as much as one likes; galore: wine à gogo.
[C20: from French]

à go•go

or à go-go

(ə ˈgoʊˌgoʊ)
as much as you like; galore: food and drink à gogo.
[1960–65; < French, Middle French.]
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I was in my first band The Muleskinners, and we played The Whiskey Au Go Go, which was an old building on the edge of the Bullring, and long gone now I'm sure.
Stephen Stills - Carry On This four-album box set weighs in with a mighty 90-plus tracks spanning 50 years of Stephen Stills's career, starting with his early group Au Go Go Singers and carries on right through to his later solo work.
Bruce was arrested after using 100 obscenities - an impressive total, even today - at Cafe Au Go Go, a Greenwich Village nightclub whose audience included a small army of grim-faced plainclothes New York City police officers.
During a November 1964 performance at Cafe Au Go Go in Greenwich Village, Bruce used more than 100 'obscene' words.