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(ɔˈseɪ bəl)

a river in NE New York, flowing NE through a gorge (Ausa′ble Chasm′) into Lake Champlain. 20 mi. (32 km) long.
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EC part la securite, les plages au sable fin et les piscines somptueuses, les prix tres bas pratiques par les agences sont un puissant moteur.
Avita is sourced from a protected and preserved aquifer located in Michigan's Au Sable Forest.
Special provisions apply to Consumers Energy-owned lands encompassing 12,000 acres bordering its Au Sable, Manistee and Muskegon river hydroelectric facilities, where hunting is allowed.
Son legendaire rivage, au sable fin dore, semble ecrase sous le poids d'une laide chape de detritus de toutes sortes.
In the 1870s, railroads entered northern Michigan, drawing fishermen from across the country to the banks of the Au Sable River in hopes of landing a grayling.
It was one of 23,000 trees planted in Au Sable State Forest that year.
Evelyn Ano, Director - Evelyn grew up in Au Sable Forks in upstate New York.
It is a fitting work after three decades of leading the evangelical ecological movement as an author, speaker, director emeritus of Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, and professor of environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
org>, for example, runs environmental education programs for all age groups around the world, while the US-based Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies <ausable.
DeWitt, co-founder of the Evangelical Environmental Network and director emeritus of the Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies, is professor of environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Because a comprehensive review would be prohibitively long, I focused on articles especially pertinent to Christianity and economics, such as abortion, Au Sable Institute, Biblical Foundations for Christian Stewardship, commons and Christian ethics, eco-justice in theology and ethics, ecology and religion, environmental ethics, Protestant ethic, Sabbath-jubilee cycle, and stewardship, among others.
Brown the former chief operating officer of the Au Sable Institute a Christian environmental organization offers both a theological reflection on the necessity of Christian activism in preserving the environment and a handbook of ecological practices that individuals and churches can take up to make a difference.