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 (grät′n, grăt′n, gră-tăN′)
1. A top crust consisting of bread crumbs or grated cheese mixed with butter and browned in the oven.
2. A dish topped with such a crust: "I find gratins so easy that I probably make them more than any other dish" (Martha Rose Shulman).

[French, from obsolete grater, to scratch, scrape, from Old French; see grate1.]


(French ɡratɛ̃)
(Cookery) See au gratin


(ˈgræt n, ˈgrɑt-; Fr. graˈtɛ̃)

1. the crust formed on food cooked au gratin.
2. a dish cooked au gratin: potato gratin.
[1800–10; < French; see grate2, -ine3]


[ˈgrætæn] ngratin m
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Oven-fried chicken, au gratin potatoes, green beans, roll, Mandarin oranges.
Chef chose the usual suspects: grilled tuna, baked sea bass and grilled Alaskan salmon paired with au gratin potatoes and a vegetable medley of the day.
Included with each prime rib cut is a complimentary house or Caesar salad and side of baked potato, mashed potatoes or au gratin potatoes.
From Greek Feta Salad and Au Gratin Potatoes to a Ham and Cheese Breakfast strata, The Cheese Lover's Cookbook comes packed with dishes that are loaded with flavor and different kinds of cheeses, and provide everything from breakfast fare and main course dishes to desserts.
Each 3-course dinner includes the choice of one of twelve side dishes, including creamed spinach or creamed corn, maple mashed potatoes, mashed Yukon potatoes, sauteed broccoli, sauteed spinach, sauteed green beans, loaded baked potatoes, creamy au gratin potatoes, beer battered onion rings, sauteed mushroom and onions, green chili mac & cheese, French fries or sweet potato fries.
The dinner cuisine, provided by Chefs Market Catering consisted of herb-crusted beef tenderloin, vegetable pasta salad, and au gratin potatoes.
For example, Country Crock Au Gratin Potatoes with Bacon contains 3 g saturated fat and 720 mg of sodium per 142-gram serving, and has a very long list of artificial ingredients you won't find in your kitchen.
flickering blue, not the cold leftover au gratin potatoes I gobble
For products you mix, such as scalloped or au gratin potatoes, use only half the oil or margarine and substitute skim milk for whole to reduce fat and calories.
The steak arrives in a red wine reduction with crunchy baby vegetables and au gratin potatoes.
The Honey Roasted Chicken with Au Gratin Potatoes, for example, serves up 410 calories, 8 grams of bad fat, and 1,140 mg of sodium on an aluminum platter.
Amber had prepared his all-time favorite foods for the occasion: fresh green-bean casserole, au gratin potatoes, and a steak she marinated overnight.