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n.1.A broken gait of a horse, between an amble and a gallop; - commonly called a Canterbury gallop.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Les deux buts de la partie ont ete marques par Samson Akiyoola a la 24e minute et Aubin Videkon a la 78e minute, permettant ainsi aux Ecureuils Espoirs de remporter leur quatrieme match test.
Emily Barclay, 20, battled anorexia for most of her teenage years and spent months at a time in hospital before she was eventually admitted to the VSA St Aubin's care home last autumn.
The UK-based chemical solutions provider Aubin Group, has announced that it has opened a chemical manufacturing capability in Saudi Arabia to enhance product delivery and support, to local and international oil and gas markets.
Aubin, the chemical solutions provider to the energy industry, has established a manufacturing capability in Saudi Arabia to enhance product delivery and support to the local and international oil and gas markets.
Danielle Aubin is conducting the research for her Master's degree thesis in interdisciplinary health.
Mission Canada Charge D'Affaires Elizabeth Moore Aubin promoted the U.S.-Canada Council for Advancement or Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders during a Vancouver outreach event in February featuring women in business and innovation.
Aubin came to the court from the Third District Court of Appeal, which had reversed a plaintiff verdict based in part on the failure of the trial court to apply the risk/ benefit test from the new Restatement (Third) Torts: Products Liability (Am.
Aubin investigates the logistical efforts that went into planning and executing the building and maintenance of the supply infrastructure supporting the U.S.
(Denoncour) Aubin, 98NEWBURYPORT/AUBURN - Adeline M.
The analysis of Penelope Aubin's narratives in comparison to those by Daniel Defoe may reveal that the ideological explanation of the genre and canon formation fails to do full justice to the complexity of the workings of cultural memory.
Materials technology and engineering specialists Aubin Group has established a new office in Dubai following significant business success in the Middle East.The firm enjoyed growth of 52 per cent in the region this year from the sale of its Well Services and Pipelines products, achieving a turnover of more than $6.5million at its year end in June.Ray Stirton is Well Services and Pipelines director at Aubin and heads up the company in the Middle East.