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Noun1.Auchincloss - United States writer (born in 1917)
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Amy Auchincloss, PhD, an assistant professor in the Drexel University School of Public Health and lead author of the study, said that the research is the first field-based study of mandatory menu labeling laws that found a large overall adjusted difference in calories between customers who dined at labeled restaurants when compared to unlabeled restaurants.
Auchincloss House was designed as a single-family townhouse by architect Robertson and Potter and constructed in 1903.
--Louis Auchincloss, interview with Trevor Butterworth, Financial Times, September 21, 2007
AWARD: Joel and Claire Kerr received the North East England Regional Award from area manager Paul Hodgson and National Sales Manager Richard Auchincloss
The nine singers--Teri Dunn, Anne Grimm and Agnes Zsigovics (sopranos), Daniel Cabena and Peter Mahon (altos), Daniel Auchincloss and Keith Klassen (tenors) and Andrew Mahon (baritone) and Giles Tomkins (bass-baritone)--functioned as the chorus, which was stationed in the orchestra pit.
Solicitor advocate Matthew Auchincloss, of the Public Defence Solicitors' Office said: "The ECHR say where an accused person has been interviewed by police without the presence of a lawyer his human rights have been irrevocably breached and he can't have a fair trial.
The counter tenor Daniel Auchincloss's wrenchingly protracted song of the burning swan was well executed, while soprano Ailish Tynan, standing in at short notice, was excellent save for her final solo - Dulcisiime - which sounded messy and inaccurate.
The book is part of a series of five exhibitions sponsored by the Lily Auchincloss Fund for Contemporary Architecture.
Hugh Auchincloss, Jr., MD, has been named principle deputy director of NIAID, which makes him second in command to NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, MD.
At one point, prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss asked Bell if she saw Jackson cuddling the boy.
Auchincloss asked Bell, 'What do you define as cuddling?'
Attorney Gordon Auchincloss said the family had become virtual prisoners, forbidden to leave Neverland Ranch, and were forced by Jackson to make the tape.