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The largest city of New Zealand, on an isthmus of northwest North Island. It is a major port and an industrial center.


(Placename) the chief port of New Zealand, in the northern part of North Island: former capital of New Zealand (1840–65). Pop: 450 300 (2010 est)


(ˈɔk lənd)

a seaport on N North Island, in New Zealand. 952,600.
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Noun1.Auckland - the largest city and principal port of New ZealandAuckland - the largest city and principal port of New Zealand
New Zealand - an independent country within the British Commonwealth; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1907; known for sheep and spectacular scenery
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An' when I come un tull Auckland short o' coal, after lettun' her druft sux days wuth the fires out tull save the coal, an' wuth only twenty tons in my bunkers, I was thunkun' o' the lossin' o' time an' the expense, an' tull save the owners I took her un an' out wi'out pilotage.
A shup o' ours was un tull Auckland recently an' uncurred no such charge.
They send a letter tull Captun Robinson for no savun' them the fufteen pounds, an' tull me: 'We note item of two guineas doctor's fee at Auckland for crew.
Captain Auckland played the billiards first, and it was not until he was comfortably seated in a steamer-chair, his second whisky securely in his hand, that he let off his bomb.
Captain Auckland sipped his whisky with provoking slowness.
He worked his passage on a sailing vessel that was making the trip from Auckland to San Francisco, and he arrived with a box of paints, an easel, and a dozen canvases.
It is quite separate and was left me by my uncle Ned in Auckland.
Francisco de Zurbaran's Jacob and His Twelve Sons, a series of paintings that has hung in Auckland Castle for more than 250 years, is being exhibited at the renowned Frick Collection until April 22, while an additional selection of Spanish artworks was shown at Sotheby's auction house earlier this month.
They are to use the money raised for 23 bricks in a new commemorative wall - to remember each of the Manchester United players as well as the journalists, crew members and ordinary passengers who lost their lives in the 1958 disaster Bishop Auckland was one of the top amateur clubs in English football in the 1950s, and have a unique connection with Manchester United which fans now want to commemorate.
Now, the new-look Avani Metropolis Auckland Residences present a stylish city retreat suited to both business and pleasure.
Two weeks ago the fuel allocation was reduced to 30 per cent following the disruption to supply through the Marsden Refinery to Auckland pipeline.
However, PAL said in a statement, its operations 'remain unhampered' in Auckland and in Cairns, Australia, which is the airline's hub in Australia, New Zealand and other South Pacific destinations.