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1. audit.
2. auditor.
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The subject was a German who kept a liquor-shop aud was an inveterate drunkard.
We aud folks that be daffled, and with one foot abaft the krok-hooal, don't altogether like to think of it, and we don't want to feel scart of it, and that's why I've took to makin' light of it, so that I'd cheer up my own heart a bit.
Another man looked out of his eyes--a man whose thoughts were of violence and hatred; a man to whom there was no good in anything, and who had become an ardent protagonist of the evil that was rampant aud universal.
Unaiza Goplani, Student Activities Coordinator at AUD, describes Orientation as, "an opportunity for incoming students to familiarize themselves with the rights and responsibilities of being a college student as well as learning to become part of the AUD community through the various activities planned for the day.
Bu Saab said that AUD has witnessed and admired this revolution and asked the graduates to always learn how to chase their dreams and confront future challenges.
The meeting comes within the foundation's mission to encourage educational centres and institutions, such as MBRSC of AUD, to graduate and prepare local and Arab media cadres.
The partnership will build strong relations between AUD and AIA ME and develop academic and cultural interchange in the areas of education, and research among others, said the officials at the signing ceremony held at the newly-inaugurated Glass House on campus.
The participation in the AUD Career Fair is part of our commitment to attract more Emirati talent as well as offer the larger student community an overview of the career opportunities with Hamptons.
The AUD is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges (COC) to award Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
The objective of this annual event is to facilitate the development of relationships between the AUD student community and employers in order to meet the needs of today's marketplace.