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An audio recording consisting of a book or other material read aloud.


(ˈɔːdɪəʊˌbʊk) or

audio book

a recorded reading of a book recorded on tape, CD, or digital formats
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While the availability of audiobooks has increased dramatically over the past decade, audiobook listening has grown more slowly.
To inaugurate Google Play audiobooks dozens of titles will be offered for USD10, with the site also offering a 50% discount on first purchases.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 24 (ANI): Amid increasing inclination towards the use of voice commands and personal digital assistants, Google announced the launch of audiobooks on the Google Play store in India.
Sound Learning is sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association and includes activity guides to use with students in the classroom, a collection of research to explore on your own, and lists of audiobooks that have been handpicked for every grade level.
US-based spoken audio content and digital media distribution technology company RBmedia has acquired on-demand audiobooks provider Audiobooks.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 12, 2017-Audiobook Publisher RBmedia Acquires Subscription Service Audiobooks.
Audible has been the only provider of audiobooks to iTunes since 2003, but now, the company's partnership is coming to an end.
The work features voice talent from audiobooks, television, film and games including: Jim Meskimen, R.
com is the first and only audiobooks application supporting the Android Auto platform.
The audiobooks can be in either human speech audio format or synthetic audio format (derived from the federal NIMAC repository).
I did this because I love audiobooks, and because I wanted to see what recording one was like, and because it seemed a little strange to me that someone else would just waltz in and mouth off all these sentences I'd taken months putting together and all these ideas I'd come up with over the course of years.
Audiobooks are not only a way to engage young learners, according to school librarians Sharon Grover and Lizette Hannegan, but they're also a way to advance literacy.