myenteric plexus

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Noun1.myenteric plexus - a plexus of unmyelinated fibers and postganglionic autonomic cell bodies in the muscular coat of the esophagus and stomach and intestines
nerve plexus - a network of intersecting nerves
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A postulated cause of achalasia is the degeneration of the ganglion cells in Auerbach's plexus of the oesophagus.
The jejunum myenteric plexus, in both groups, is located between the circular and longitudinal strata of the muscular tunica, as described in the literature about the intramural location of nervous ganglions (Snell and Bloom & Fawcett 1997) and in the classic works of Auerbach's Plexus Anatomy of Irwin (1931) and Matsuo (1934).
Enteric neuron number and sizes in Auerbach's plexus in the small and large intestine of adult and aged rats.