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tr.v. sub·lat·ed, sub·lat·ing, sub·lates Logic
To negate, deny, or contradict.

[From Latin sublātus, past participle of tollere, to take away : sub-, sub- + lātus, taken; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·la′tion (-lā′shən) n.
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1. formal denial
2. (Chemistry) chem a method involving the collection of a material on the surface of a liquid's gas bubbles
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Against it--casting aside Hegel's theology--we should question how readily it can be adopted to Hegel's classical account of the limitation, and ultimately the Aufhebung, of painting to the two dimensional, pointillist instant--along with its concomitant speculative demand that art be surpassed by the truth of historical realization, where sensibility and speculative sense remain staunchly linked.
La CF funciona sobre un proceso de superacion (Aufhebung), donde el Ser es movimiento historico, social, politico y economico, a traves de la introduccion de la ciencia y la tecnologia, dentro del proceso diegetico, mediante una mimesis cognitiva cuya finalidad es una accion politica especifica.
Una dialectica diadica que prioriza al individuo sobre los procesos sin entender que aquel deba ser absorbido, subsumido, y, por tanto, disuelto por la "aufhebung" hegeliana.
But he also finds himself defending autonomy against its usual critics, recognizing that if art and the aesthetic are to be political--i.e., if they are to have something to say to the contemporary world--and if the only fusion of art and life (Aufhebung) isn't simply the "obscene double of aesthetic practice," namely "commodified leisure and lifestyle," then the notion of some kind of autonomy remains indispensable.
I meant to say that, exactly 50 years ago, the Summer of Love was ablossom, and, although you can laughhere is where I lost trackyou ought not to suppose that every absurdity was altogether risible, even if risibility may have been inherent in the scene, and, in its upward slippage or aufhebung into the higher, Die Knospe verschwindet im Hervorbrechen der Blutebut, oh dear, let me try again.
63) Ou seja, na etica, simultaneamente, Lukacs procura criticar uma forma de universalidade marcada pelo dominio do capital e nao deixa de lado o modo pelo qual, com base na superacao (Aufhebung) desta universalidade, seria possivel remeter para alem da pre-historia da sociedade humana.
Hegel would call this a 'second negation,' or sublation (Aufhebung)." The core idea is that contra dieting positions are being resolved into a new position.