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Large, eye-shaped mineral grains occurring in foliated metamorphic rocks such as schist and gneiss.

[German Augen, eyes, plural of Auge, eye, from Middle High German ouge, from Old High German ouga; see okw- in Indo-European roots.]
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And Auge bare Telephus of the stock of Areas, king of the Mysians, being joined in love with the mighty Heracles when he was journeying in quest of the horses of proud Laomedon -- horses the fleetest of foot that the Asian land nourished, -- and destroyed in battle the tribe of the dauntless Amazons and drove them forth from all that land.
He called it Trost in Trauer, and quoted the text of Scripture Auge um Auge, Zabnum Zahn, after which he did not again allude to his wife's decease.
The mare, ridden by Julien Auge, took the lead beside Autza (Jaman) and came in the middle of the home straight before accelerating again.
Through Siltiss, a Silab subsidiary, Inserm Transfert has chosen to entrust the development of a very promising technology, first to a French industrial partner, then to the best specialists in this field; it is an opportunity for Silab to reinforce and expand its business, and for Inserm Transfert to provide it with a differentiating asset that will aid its growth," said Auge.
Las enfermedades cubiertas por el AUGE inicialmente fueron 25 y actualmente son 80, sin que aumentara proporcionalmente el financiamiento del programa, lo cual constituye un serio riesgo para su sostenibilidad futura.
Mansour's Naziq, ridden by Christophe Soumillon and Shakrra under Julien Auge finished third and fourth, respectively.
Auge pushed Al Mourtazez and brought him close to the railing, controlling the race from there.
La OPEP, por ejemplo, que si bien detenta aproximadamente el 75 % de las reservas, solo controla un tercio de la produccion mundial, unos noventa millones de barriles diarios, ello ante el crecimiento de naciones no alineadas (como el caso de Estados Unidos, que a finales de 2014 produjo nueve millones de barriles al dia), y al auge en la produccion no convencional, y si ademas como indicamos, uno de sus principales socios practica un doble juego y ve mas por sus intereses, el peso politico del cartel se ha disminuido.
Hill's detailed introductions to such well-known theorists as Auge, Judith Butler, Nancy Chodorow, Sigmund Freud, and Julia Kristeva provide a good orientation for those who are unfamiliar with their frameworks.
The deal was signed by Essa Al Maidoor, the DHA director-general and Dr Philippe Auge, the president of Montpellier University to provide post-graduate diploma courses in anesthesia in Dubai.
The Dubai Health Authority recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dr Philippe Auge, president of Montpellier University to provide post-graduate diploma courses in anaesthesia in Dubai.
Reproduction of the moth Cosmosoma auge (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) in captivity conditions