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Large, eye-shaped mineral grains occurring in foliated metamorphic rocks such as schist and gneiss.

[German Augen, eyes, plural of Auge, eye, from Middle High German ouge, from Old High German ouga; see okw- in Indo-European roots.]
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But her (Auge) he received and brought up well, and cherished in the palace, honouring her even as his own daughters.
And Auge bare Telephus of the stock of Areas, king of the Mysians, being joined in love with the mighty Heracles when he was journeying in quest of the horses of proud Laomedon -- horses the fleetest of foot that the Asian land nourished, -- and destroyed in battle the tribe of the dauntless Amazons and drove them forth from all that land.
He called it Trost in Trauer, and quoted the text of Scripture Auge um Auge, Zabnum Zahn, after which he did not again allude to his wife's decease.
In the penultimate race of the day, Julien Auge overcame a brief setback early on when he lost his balance astride Al Shaqab Racing's Rijm going on to the back straight, to emerge victorious in the Qatar Derby (Group 2 PA) for four-year-old Purebred Arabians.
Para demostrar lo anterior y comprender los efectos producidos en la economia de un pais con auge de RN, se hace una revision de la literatura y se contrasta con datos del periodo 2000 a 2013, tratando de evidenciar los sintomas y la dinamica regional que implica la concentracion de la produccion en la actividad minera.
El lugar y el no lugar son mas bien polaridades falsas: el primero no queda nunca completamente borrado y el segundo no se cumple nunca totalmente: son palimpsestos donde reinscribe sin cesar el juego intrincado de la identidad y de la relacion (Auge, 2008: 84).
Through Siltiss, a Silab subsidiary, Inserm Transfert has chosen to entrust the development of a very promising technology, first to a French industrial partner, then to the best specialists in this field; it is an opportunity for Silab to reinforce and expand its business, and for Inserm Transfert to provide it with a differentiating asset that will aid its growth," said Auge.