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Noun1.Augeas - (Greek mythology) the mythical Greek king who for 30 years did not clean his stables which contained his vast herd of cattle
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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He is entertained there by Polyxenus and receives a mixing bowl as a gift; the story of Trophonius and Agamedes and Augeas then follows.
The two others were Diores, son of Amarynces, and Polyxenus, son of King Agasthenes, son of Augeas.
Let us, therefore, clean the stable of Augeas. But to avoid behaving like shameless idiots we must first arrest the murderer that boasted on Astra Radio that he killed innocent Turkish Cypriots and all those well-known gangsters of Eoka B for their horrific crimes in August 1974.
They appear only when necessary, as plot cruxes and facilitators: the gates of Troy, too narrow for the hollow horse; Augeas' stables, large enough for more than 1000 cattle, crusted with 30 years of dung, waiting to be cleaned by Hercules; Odysseus' wedding bed, built into its olive tree, living and immovable.
In Greek mythology, Hercules cleaned the filthy quarters housing the teeming cattle of King Augeas in a single day.
In Greek mythology, the fifth labour of Heracles was to clean Augeas's stables, unwashed for nearly 30 years.