Auger bit

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a bit with a cutting edge or blade like that of an anger.

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A cordless, easily carried drill with a long, three-quarter-inch wood auger bit can also quickly get through most ice here, making frequent testing relatively easy.
In the powered form, the auger bit takes on a different design, however.
Bosch Daredevil products represent a compilation of best-in-class products that include a spade bit, a reciprocating saw blade, a circular saw blade and an auger bit. The spade and auger bits are at the top of the display, the reciprocating blade is at the mid-point of the display and the circular saw blades are at the bottom of the display, which allows for more space.
Another ice auger accessory designed through Arctic know-how would be a contoured casing for the auger bit, to make it easier to lash down, without damaging other items loaded on the sled.
I then took a 5/8" x 17" auger bit and drilled through both rows and pounded in 58" x 17" rebar to securely fasten them together.
Use an auger bit - it has a spiral shape and a small threaded point that pulls the bit into the wood.
A brace and auger bit set win cost around $200 and the big speed bits cost the better part of $50 apiece.
"It was a great day - a frozen pile of lumber, a Bobcat with an auger bit, and lots of coffee," the release said.
For example, an auger bit, which is marked by 16ths of an inch, with a number 8 would stand for 8/16" or 1/2".
On the head-stock, fit the handle (a slightly smaller drill or auger bit will ensure a tight fit) and back this up with a nut and washer on the inside end to act as a lock nut when the work is in place.
Although a brace will accept any drill, an auger bit with a lead screw which pulls the cutting edge into the wood is most efficient.
"earth" or "garden" auger bit (the kind that's often used for planting flower bulbs).