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v. t. & i.1.To make or take auguries; to augur; to predict.
n.1.The office of an augur.
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He changed his plans and campaigned for the tribunate instead of the aedileship;(52) then when he had succeeded in being elected suffect tribune was influential in winning Antony's augurate for him; the election of this probably took place in the comitia tributa, where he had (suddenly) become an important figure;(53) his legislation as a tribune in 50 put forward agrarian reform and other traditionally popularist measures;(54) Caesar, after rejecting a previous offer of alliance, suddenly offered to pay his enormous debts in return for his support.
A number of coin reverses associate the sitella, the urn used to cast the lots, with the lituus, the preeminent symbol of the augurate, and augural intervention in an inquest following the death of Q.
1) states that 'Domitius' was defeated by Antony in an election to the augurate, and it is well agreed that the Domitius bested by Antony was L.