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 (ĕs-kô-fyā′), Auguste 1846-1935.
French chef of grand hotels, such as the Savoy and Carlton in London. He wrote several cookery books, including Le Guide culinaire (1903).


(French ɛskɔfje)
(Biography) (Georges) Auguste (oɡyst). 1846–1935, French chef at the Savoy Hotel, London (1890–99)


(ɛs kɔˈfyeɪ)

Georges Auguste, 1846–1935, French chef and author of cookbooks.
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Auguste Escoffier started Les Diners d'[euro][umlaut]picure (Epicurean Diners) in 1912.
The opener focuses on people who affected society through cooking, enterprise and science, including Julia Child, Christopher Columbus, Auguste Escoffier, Nathan Myhrvold, Hector Boiardi and Howard Moskowitz.
In addition, renowned culinary schools are offering significant scholarships to the top teams including Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, The Chef's Academy, Le Cordon Bleu, The Culinary Institute of America, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, The International Culinary Schools, Johnson & Wales University, Louisiana Culinary Institute, New England Culinary Institute, Mississippi University for Woman and Sullivan University.
The program also focuses on the professional life of Auguste Escoffier whose works have made a significant contribution to the culinary arts.
Eat in a Michelin-starred gaff and the chances are that you're scoffing food cooked by a chef who's learned the methods pioneered by the likes of Auguste Escoffier and developed and championed by his successors.
Savoy Hotel chef Auguste Escoffier is said to have created Peach Melba after hearing her sing in Covent Garden.
The Traveling Soup Pot" is a master's collection of delectable international soup recipes inspired and influenced by Chef Mary Chamberlin, along with her husband, Captain Roy Chamberlin and the legendary Michel Escoffier, descendant of Auguste Escoffier, also known as "the King of Chefs and the Chef of Kings.
Inspired by the golden age of Cesar Ritz and Auguste Escoffier who came to fame in the late 19th century, The Ritz Gourmet Lounge embraces the heritage of these two pioneers in international hospitality with a dedicated menu influenced by some of Escoffier's world classics served in a splendid royal ambience.
The most valuable cookbook I have in my library is a 1957 edition of "Le Repertoire de la Cuisine" written by Louis Saulnier, a student of Auguste Escoffier.
Once installed there, Ritz joined forces with the gourmet chef Auguste Escoffier, both men eventually bringing to the world one of its greatest restaurants: L'Espadon.
Conor said: "No original recipes have survived but they were all inspired by the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Ritz.
He is a member of the South African Chefs Association and also of Les Disciples d Auguste Escoffier.