Augustinian Hermits

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Noun1.Augustinian Hermits - a monastic order of friars established in 1256 by the Pope
Augustinian order - any of several monastic orders observing a rule derived from the writings of St. Augustine
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Here, Jones is able to confront the negative assessments of art critics later in the century with the positive reception of its patrons and the Augustinian Hermits who maintained the church.
Margaret Flansburg confronts this problem in her essay on Simone Martini's Beato Agostino Novello Altarpiece, originally located in the Sienese convent of the Augustinian Hermits and now housed, in somewhat reduced form, in that city's Pinacoteca Nazionale.
At the elite level, Ciappelli considers the coincidence of Corsini's cult of 1439-40 with the promotion of Zenobius, John the Baptist, and Peter and Paul; with the Carmelites' struggle against the Augustinian Hermits of Santo Spirito for influence in the district of the Green Dragon; and with papal politics, insofar as approval of Andrea's cult was effectively a censure of Milan.