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 (ô-rēl′yən, ô-rē′lē-ən) Originally Lucius Domitius Aurelianus. ad 215?-275.
Emperor of Rome (ad 270-275) who secured the empire's northern border at the Danube River, reconquered Britain, Gaul, Syria, and Egypt, and introduced monetary reforms.


(Biography) Latin name Lucius Domitius Aurelianus. ?212–275 ad, Roman emperor (270–275), who conquered Palmyra (273) and restored political unity to the Roman Empire


(ɔˈri li ən, ɔˈril yən)

(Lucius Domitius Aurelianus) A.D. 212?–275, Roman emperor 270–275.
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In the third place are liberatores, or salvatores, such as compound the long miseries of civil wars, or deliver their countries from servitude of strangers or tyrants; as Augustus Caesar, Vespasianus, Aurelianus, Theodoricus, King Henry the Seventh of England, King Henry the Fourth of France.
He tells how a British king (to whom later tradition assigns the name Vortigern) invited in the Anglo-Saxons as allies against the troublesome northern Scots and Picts, and how the Anglo-Saxons, victorious against these tribes, soon turned in furious conquest against the Britons themselves, until, under a certain Ambrosius Aurelianus, a man 'of Roman race,' the Britons successfully defended themselves and at last in the battle of Mount Badon checked the Saxon advance.
The true hero of the novel, is Ambrosius Aurelianus, a historically attested fifth-century Christian Romano-British soldier, whose regiment is one of the handful standing against the Anglo-Saxons.
Indeed, Tarcisio in the third century was a young Christian who was killed under the persecution initiated by Aurelianus when he was only twelve.
King Arthur is actually based on a late Romano-British noble called Ambrosius Aurelianus, who is mentioned by Gildas in the 6th century.
The decurion of the Roman colony set up in the area which surrounds nowadays the city of Cluj Aurelianus Marcinus--, delighted by the quality of the wine-growing and making products obtained here, brought homage to the God of wine (Liber Pater).
Su nombre propio, procede del latin Aurelianus, patronimico de Aurelius, nombre que parece derivado de la misma voz indoeuropea de la cual procede Aurora y que finalmente, en su compleja evolucion, esta asociado con el sol y podria estar relacionado con "el color de oro", segun las distintas interpretaciones (Tibon, 2005, p.
Moreover, Caelius Aurelianus (circa fourth century AD) provided the first clinical description of sciatica with regard to lower extremity radiculopathy.
Caelius Aurelianus stated that fever was characteristic for catalepsy and was absent in epilepsy, concept that was maintained so far until the Middle Ages, but slowly disappeared in the Renaissance period.
De Caelius Aurelianus aux traductions litterales du VIe siecle", in G.
Articular complications following dysentery were known even to Caelius Aurelianus, who lived at the beginning of the fifth century before Christ.
was destroyed when Alexandria was captured by Imperial Rome under the command of the Emperor Aurelianus in 273AD, It is said that as the news of this shameful act of militaristic vandalism spread, the civilised world wept.