Acacia auriculiformis

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Noun1.Acacia auriculiformis - Australian tree that yields tanning materialsAcacia auriculiformis - Australian tree that yields tanning materials
genus Acacia - large genus of shrubs and trees and some woody vines of Central and South America, Africa, Australia and Polynesia: wattle; mimosa
wattle - any of various Australasian trees yielding slender poles suitable for wattle
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Release date- 13082019 - Pulmocide Ltd, which is developing first-in-class inhaled anti-infectives for targeted treatment of life-threatening lung infections, is pleased to announce that in vitro data published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy highlight the potential of its novel antifungal candidate PC945 in the treatment of Candida auris.
Candida auris infections have been reported across Asia, Africa, South America and Russia.
auris as the "creature from the black lagoon" because nobody knows where it came from and it continues to spread globally.
As the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works to limit the spread of drug-resistant Candida auris (C.
Health care company Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) disclosed on Monday the completion of the acquisition of Auris Health Inc for a purchase price of about USD3.4bn in cash.
auris. Patients infected were generally >70 years of age and had multiple chronic concurrent conditions (Appendix Table,
auris outbreaks were reported at the the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases annual congress.
Public health agency the US Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it has approved the first test, called the BRUKER MALDI Biotyper CA system, to identify the emerging pathogen Candida auris (C.
auris isolates for confirmatory testing, and during September 2016--May 2017, an additional 78 C.
But this particular Auris might suit her just a little bit more.
auris was first reported in South Korea in 1996, with the first US case appearing in 2013 (CDC, 2016b; CDC, 2017a).
Auris Surgical said that the purchase price per share represents a premium of approximately 39.9% over the closing sale price of common stock of Hansen Medical as reported on NASDAQ on 19 April 2016.