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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous carbonate of copper and zinc, found in pale green or blue crystalline aggregations. It yields a kind of brass on reduction.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They detected different types of hydroxycarbonate phases such as hydrotalcite [[(Cu,Zn).sub.6] [Al.sub.2]C[O.sub.3][(OH).sub.16].4[H.sub.2]O], rosarite [[(Cu,Zn).sub.2] C[O.sub.3](OH).sub.2], aurichalcite [[(Cu,Zn).sub.5][(CO3).sub.2][(OH).sub.6]] and hydrozincite [[Zn.sub.5][(C[O.sub.3]).sub.2][(OH).sub.6]].
Another zone of the mine, now being exploited for copper ore, has been turning out lovely baby-blue to turquoise-blue specimens of calcite included by aurichalcite, with sharp rhombohedral crystals to 3.5 cm on dark brown gossan matrix.
Small, tabular anglesite crystals on galena have been found, as well as rare sky-blue to sea-green aurichalcite sprays (Middle level), and nondescript coatings of green malachite and pale brown hemimorphite.
Smithsonite on Aurichalcite Kelly Mine, Socorro Co., New Mexico 2 1/4" wide ex-collection Pellman
The world's best specimens of paradamite and kottigite/parasymplesite have also been found there, as well as superb specimens of aurichalcite, scorodite, hemimorphite, rosasite, wulfenite and other minerals.
The Graphic-Waldo mine (bordering the Kelly on the north), for example, has produced excellent specimens of pyrite, aurichalcite, malachite, azurite, and large masses of crystallized copper.
174 Aurichalcite and Calcite [Kelly mine], Magdalena, New Mexico, no.
Zinc carbonates such as smithsonite and hydrozincite have not yet been identified, and aurichalcite has been found sporadically.
Lot 1792 "Mammillated cupriferous Zinc, fine and rare, Nertschinsk" turned out to be aurichalcite on gossan, but there is still no sign of the intriguing Lot 2384 "An Aquamarine, one half rose red the other green, Ceylon, considered one of the rarest mineral substances." It is probably a cut stone and an investigation of the Chatsworth jewels may be revealing.
epidote, fluorite, garnet, gold, polylithionite, molybdenite, muscovite, pollucite, pyrite, sphalerite, spodumene, topaz, tourmaline, zircon Amo Yunnan cassiterite Anpeng Henan gypsum Anyuan Hunan arsenopyrite Aoshan Anhui apatite, calcite, hematite, pyrite Babu Guangxi, aurichalcite, calcite, rhodochrosite Zhuang A.R.
Some years earlier that same mine had produced a spectacular 6-inch aurichalcite, a thick, velvety, blue-green crust of needle crystals that is probably the finest known specimen of the species.
All of the effort and fun of collecting wulfenite, aurichalcite, platternite and other minerals had paid off!