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n. pl. aus·pi·ces (ô′spĭ-sĭz, -sēz′)
1. also auspices Protection or support; patronage.
2. A sign indicative of future prospects; an omen: Auspices for the venture seemed favorable.
3. Observation of and divination from the actions of birds.

[Latin auspicium, bird divination, auspices, from auspex, auspic-, bird augur; see awi- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -pices (-pɪsɪz)
1. (usually plural) patronage or guidance (esp in the phrase under the auspices of)
2. (often plural) a sign or omen, esp one that is favourable
[C16: from Latin auspicium augury from birds; see auspex]


(ˈɔ spɪs)

n., pl. aus•pic•es (ˈɔ spə sɪz)
1. Usu., auspices. patronage; support; sponsorship.
2. Often, auspices. a favorable sign or propitious circumstance.
3. a divination or prognostication, orig. from observing birds.
[1525–35; < French < Latin auspicium < auspex]


- Originally denoted the observation of bird flight as a form of divination.
See also related terms for observation.
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Noun1.auspice - a favorable omenauspice - a favorable omen      
omen, portent, prognostic, prognostication, presage, prodigy - a sign of something about to happen; "he looked for an omen before going into battle"


Aid or support given by a patron.Often used in plural:
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Segundo Carpinetti (2009), os vocabulos augure(m) (> 'augure'), augurium (> 'augurio') e auspicium (> 'auspicio') apresentam significados distintos.
Lo cierto es que en el origen, imperium habria sido la expresion de un poder personal del jefe, un poder que debio entonces, como ha senalado CATALANO , ser considerado juridicamente irrelevante sin auspicium (21).
One by one, she takes up the terms brought up in contemporary propaganda by the triumphator: the commander's rightful command or imperium, his rightful observation of religious custom or auspicium, his personal leadership of the army in battle or ductus, and the positive result of the battle or felicitas.