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The British pound and the Aussie dollar followed next with gains of 8.
I was stunned to see iron ore plunge five per cent in a single session and take the Aussie dollar down with it and there are now rumors in Canberra that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, despite his Goldman pedigree, is on his political death rattle while the RBA is on hold.
FX Update: The Aussie dollar came under pressure following sub-forecast inflation data out of Australian, which pushed back on any nascent ideas that the RBA may have been headed for a rate hike.
It has been the biggest market for new Zealand but now dented by the fall in the value of the Aussie dollar.
The Aussie dollar remained just above four-year lows against the US dollar, but it remained on vulnerable ground due to the instability of the world economy.
And Hill's admiring club coach Tony Smith urges more players to follow the Warrington front rower's example - rather than be tempted by the lure of the Aussie dollar.
Global Banking News-July 25, 2014--HSBC expects New Zealand dollar to be on par with Aussie dollar
Spot Gold and Silver against the Aussie dollar (XAU/AUD and XAG/AUD) will also be making its debut with MXT Global this week.
Consumers have been worried by job losses across various industries, higher petrol prices, a weaker Aussie dollar and a more subdued share market.
I think the big hope for the RBA and the Aussie dollar is the US tapering its bond purchases sooner rather than later," he said.
Bouncers Adelaide is expected to be a slow pitch for the second Test but you can bet your bottom Aussie dollar that the Perth ground staff will be under orders to prepare a lightning quick track.
It's an impressive commitment given the distance, the cost, the crippling exchange rate against the bicep-bulging Aussie dollar, and the toxic combination of jet lag and hangover.