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Noun1.Austin Friar - one of the Roman Catholic hermits of Saint Augustine
Augustinian - a Roman Catholic friar or monk belonging to one of the Augustinian monastic orders
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The same evening Turlington was at his office in Austin Friars, investigating the state of affairs, with his head clerk to help him.
Branca's letter as "small foreign firms;" and they had produced the serious financial crisis in the affairs of the great house in Austin Friars, which had hurried Turlington up to London.
1350), where sections of Latin text alternate with Occitan translation 'en nostra linga maternal', the language the Austin Friar and his Limousin dedicatee share.
A traffic warden raised the alarm after white powder was spotted on a parking-disc vending machine in Austin Friar Street.
AtheNrY trainer Gerry holian grabbed another big final success at Mullingar on saturday when turning out uncle Chico to win the EUR5,000 Austin Friar hotel Fair Warrior open 400 final for the Four Galway lads syndicate, writes Michael Fortune.
There is also the prestigious Austin Friar Hotel Fair Warrior Sprint currently in progress at Mullingar, a two-bend event that usually carries plenty of weight when it comes to the selection of the Sprinter Of the Year.
1528-1567), an Austin friar and an Erasmian humanist who translated many works, see Pollard and McConica.
Staff removed more than 232 needles and around 200 gas canisters from the small tent that was pitched near a children's toy store in Austin Friars.
Austin Friars House, 2 - 6 Austin Friars, London, EC2N 2HD 19/00487/FULL 9 Newbury Street, London, EC1A 7HU 19/00489/FULL at roof level including replacement of existing associated external alterations.
The fiscal told Dumfries Sheriff Court that Brotherston had been giving private tuition at his then home at Watling Street, Dumfries, and when arrested had been teaching at Austin Friars School in Carlisle.
When Austin Friars last ran over jumps in October 2016 it resulted in success over two miles at Plumpton.

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