Australian crawl

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Australian crawl

A crawl stroke in swimming that is executed with a flutter kick to each arm stroke.
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1. to move in a prone position with the body close to the ground, as a worm or caterpillar, or on the hands and knees.
2. to move or progress slowly or laboriously: a line of cars crawling toward the beach.
3. to behave in a remorseful or cringing manner.
4. to be, or feel as if, overrun with crawling things: The hut crawled with insects.
5. (of paint) to raise or contract because of an imperfect bond with the underlying surface.
6. to visit or frequent one after the other: a night of crawling the pubs.
7. the act of crawling; a slow, crawling motion.
8. a slow rate of progress.
9. a swimming stroke in a prone position, characterized by alternate overarm movements combined with the flutter kick.
10. text that moves slowly across a television or movie screen, giving information.
[1150–1200; Middle English < Old Norse krafla; compare Dan kravle to crawl, creep]
crawl′ing•ly, adv.
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Noun1.Australian crawl - a swimming strokeAustralian crawl - a swimming stroke; arms are moved alternately overhead accompanied by a flutter kick
swimming stroke - a method of moving the arms and legs to push against the water and propel the swimmer forward
flutter kick - a swimming kick; the legs are moved rapidly up and down without bending the knees
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Kellerman, who is now better known for appearing in risque costumes and for popularizing the swimming stroke known as the Australian crawl, was actively involved in re-mythologizing the seas, employing the mermaid fantaseme as a feminist and ecological-activist tool long before either of those movements entered the cultural mainstream.
However, it wasn't the popular ex-politician, the platinum-selling Australian Crawl musician, or even the spectacular fireworks put on by those responsible for the New Year's display at Sydney Opera House, that the residents of Pimba - population 50 - had gathered to see.
We never went into the Mixed, where young bucks paying sixpence tried to impress giggling girls in rubber hats as they demonstrated the Australian Crawl.

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