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Noun1.Australian dollar - the basic unit of money in Australia and Nauru
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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The short answer to this question is that we have no immediate plans to issue an electronic form of Australian dollar banknotes.
We welcome this initiative and we look forward to working closely with the grape and wine sector to design and implement the 50 million Australian dollar (37.
I doubt if Japanese life insurers or China's sovereign wealth funds will invest reserves in the Australian dollar as long as commodities markets are in distress and the RBA could well respond to deflation risk with a rate cut when the next move in US rates is higher.
Emirates NBD said in a statement that it was pleased to issue again in the Australian Dollar market, having previously issued A$250 million in 2006, the first ever Middle East based institution to issue an Australian Dollar denominated transaction.
Compared to the Q3 2013, the supermarket bank said that it has seen a 38% increase in the amount of Australian Dollars it has sold and two in five of these customers who are buying Australian Dollars are loading pre-paid currency cards, which are said to offer a better exchange rate, improved security and Nectar points.
The NAB has tipped the Australian dollar to fall US88 cents from US93 cents on previous December forecasts.
The Australian dollar could be weakened by tighter monetary policy in the US, but sterling is hardly in a very strong position either.
The Australian dollar slipped below parity with the greenback Monday and analysts tipped it could fall further as speculation mounts that the US could wind back its quantitative easing policy.
The Australian dollar will be only the 3rd major currency directly traded in China's mainland foreign exchange market, after the U.
But while the Australian dollar remains backed by one of the highest official interest rates in the developed world, growing evidence of a global economic slowdown will chip away at demand for Australia's raw material exports and therefore its currency.
A banking industry analyst has opined that the value of the Australian dollar is hurting retailers.
Summary: McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has been fined 500 Australian dollars (#288) for "behaving like a hoon" and performing boy racer stunts.

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