Australian lungfish

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Noun1.Australian lungfish - an endangered species of lungfish found in rivers in QueenslandAustralian lungfish - an endangered species of lungfish found in rivers in Queensland
endangered species - a species whose numbers are so small that the species is at risk of extinction
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Granddad was one of three other Australian lungfish who are exhibited at the aquarium, one of which is an African lungfish who is scheduled to go on display soon.
Dr Boisvert and her collaborators compared the hip development - bones and musculature - of the Australian lungfish and the Axolotl, commonly known as the Mexican Walking Fish.
Shortly after its establishment, the anti-dam organisation had adopted the protected Australian Lungfish (Neoceratodusforsteri) as its mascot.
David Attenborough, left, explores how amphibians first took to dry land, taking many clues from the Australian lungfish and the Japanese giant salamander.
Professor Jean Joss, head of biology and the Australian Lungfish Research Facility at Sydney's Macquarie University, has spearheaded a campaign to petition Minister Garrett about the threat the Traveston Dam poses to the lungfish.
While evolution has created all manner of land dwellers - including us - since then, there are still some critters around today that resemble those first walking fish, including the Australian lungfish.

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