Australian sea lion

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Noun1.Australian sea lion - a variety of sea lion found in AustraliaAustralian sea lion - a variety of sea lion found in Australia
sea lion - any of several large eared seals of the northern Pacific related to fur seals but lacking their valuable coat
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Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly has confirmed the establishment of a network of Gillnet Exclusion Zones, to protect Australian sea lion breeding colonies, under special orders that are needed to comply with Federal environmental requirements.
After working apart all over the world, they reunited and became engaged in China, where Reilly was teaching and Fowler was on break from studying the endangered Australian sea lion. To celebrate their future together, they visited an island off southeastern Thailand, Ko Pha Ngan--where there were no warnings about the box jellyfish in the waters near their cabana.
pacificus tapeworm previously obtained from an Australian sea lion, Neophoca cinerea (GenBank accession no.
One plate even offers a rare glimpse of an Australian sea lion instrumented with a crittercam at sea.
This little chap is an Australian Sea Lion, one of six different species.
In a move welcomed by conservation groups, the state government bought 10 parcels of land on the peninsula to help protect rare and endangered wildlife, including the white-bellied sea eagle, osprey and Australian sea lion.
On offshore islands breeds the Australian sea lion, the one marine mammal that is only found in Australia.
`The Australian sea lion is an endemic species that we need to take care of.
"These islands are significant breeding areas for the New Zealand fur seal and Australian sea lion.
The Australian sea lion occurs in the coastal waters of southern Australia.
REEF fish, Australian sea lion and New Zealand fur seal hotspot, the Pearson Island Group;
Twenty kilometres north-west of the cape, a similar scene animates the sands of Seal Bay, where a relative of the fur seal, the Australian sea lion (Neophoca cinerea), has begun to breed.

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