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Of or being a human racial classification traditionally distinguished by physical characteristics such as dark skin and dark curly hair, and including the Aboriginal peoples of Australia along with various peoples of Southeast Asia, especially Melanesia and the Malay Archipelago. No longer in scientific use. See Usage Note at Negroid.

Aus′tra·loid′ n.


(Peoples) denoting, relating to, or belonging to a supposed racial group that includes the native Australians and certain other peoples of southern Asia and the Pacific islands.
(Peoples) any member of this racial group
Usage: The word Australoid and other words ending in -oid and relating to racial groups, such as Mongoloid, are controversial scientifically and best avoided. If you need to mention the ethnicity of indigenous peoples from this region it is preferable to use a specific name, or a widely accepted term such as indigenous Australians or Aboriginal peoples


(ˈɔ strəˌlɔɪd)

also Aus•tra•li•oid

(ɔˈstreɪ liˌɔɪd)

1. a member of a grouping of peoples consisting principally of the Australian Aborigines but sometimes including Papuans, Melanesians, various small-statured peoples, as Negritos, of the Philippines, Malay Peninsula, and Andaman Islands, and some of the tribes of India.
2. pertaining to or resembling the Australoids.
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