Australopithecus boisei

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Noun1.Australopithecus boisei - large-toothed hominid of eastern Africa; from 1 to 2 million years ago
Australopithecus, genus Australopithecus - extinct genus of African hominid
australopithecine - any of several extinct humanlike bipedal primates with relatively small brains of the genus Australopithecus; from 1 to 4 million years ago
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She carefully dug up and reconstructed a skull known as Zinj, or Nutcracker Man, later renamed Australopithecus Boisei. Scientists had believed that humans had evolved in Asia around 200,000 years ago, but Zinj was 1.75 million years old.
Age: Australopithecus boisei lived between 2.1 and 1.1 minion years ago.
Did you talk with other members of the human evolutionary family who lived 2 million years ago, such as Australopithecus boisei?