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Noun1.Austrian schilling - formerly the basic unit of money in AustriaAustrian schilling - formerly the basic unit of money in Austria
Austrian monetary unit - monetary unit in Austria
groschen - 100 groschen equal 1 schilling in Austria
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The PPPs reported in column 1 of Table 1 of this paper were reaggregated from the Schroeder/Edwards data by Joe Glenn Smith (1994, data revised 1995) expressed in terms of Austrian shillings, that is, the 'price' for each category of goods in Austria has been normalised to unity.
Karajan paid a "joining fee" of five Austrian shillings to cover the expenses of preparing the paperwork for provisional membership, but the bureaucracy lost track of the documents.
Wiktor Dudzinski on charges of embezzling 20 million Austrian shillings, equivalent to $1.3 million, while working in the country.

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