Austrian schilling

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Noun1.Austrian schilling - formerly the basic unit of money in AustriaAustrian schilling - formerly the basic unit of money in Austria
Austrian monetary unit - monetary unit in Austria
groschen - 100 groschen equal 1 schilling in Austria
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With the exchange rate between the German Mark and the new Austrian Schilling set at 1:1, the Soviet authorities released the old German stamps showing Hitler's face with overprint "Oesterreich".
Another 26% even expressed their wish to come back to the Austrian Schilling.
In January 2002, Austria introduced Euro notes and coins in place of the Austrian schilling.
Euro-zone" includes those soon-to-be withdrawn currencies which are the Austrian schilling, the Belgian franc, the Dutch guilder, the Finnish maarka, the French franc, the German mark, the Greek drachma, the Irish pound, the Italian lire, the Portuguese escudo and the Spanish peseta.
The data used to estimate the model are short-term interest rates and inflation rates for Austria and Germany, as well as the exchange rate between the Austrian schilling and the Deutsche mark.
The Central Bank of Iraq has begun buying European currencies, including the euro, the German mark, Swiss and French francs, the Dutch florin, the Austrian schilling and the Italian lira.

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