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The islands of the Pacific Ocean, including Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.


(ˌɒstrəʊˈniːʒə; -ʃə)
(Placename) the islands of the central and S Pacific, including Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia


(ˌɔ stroʊˈni ʒə, -ʃə)

the islands of the central and S Pacific.
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Noun1.Austronesia - islands of central and South Pacific (Indonesia and Melanesia and Micronesia and Polynesia)
Melanesia - the islands in the southwestern part of Oceania
Micronesia - the islands in the northwestern part of Oceania
Polynesia - the islands in the eastern part of Oceania
Dutch East Indies, Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia - a republic in southeastern Asia on an archipelago including more than 13,000 islands; achieved independence from the Netherlands in 1945; the principal oil producer in the Far East and Pacific regions
Pacific, Pacific Ocean - the largest ocean in the world
Austronesian - a native or inhabitant of Austronesia
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Padila then started to give Drilon a history lesson about the Moro people: 'Kung inyo pang lalaliman ang inyong kaalaman sa kasaysayan, senador Drilon, tayo po ay nagmula lahat sa Austronesia race.
The video starts out by pointing out the relative similarity among Malayo-Polynesian languages which cover a vast swath of the planet from Hawaii to Madagascar in an area linguists refer to as Austronesia. Though these languages are linguistically similar despite their vast geographical distances, the languages spoken by Taiwan's aboriginal tribes are actually extremely diverse despite their close proximity, indicating that they are the oldest variants of Austronesian languages and thus the origin of the language family.
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She has also committed to write a research paper on how the ATAYAL cultural exchange programs with Austronesian groups may lead to an opportunity for a new type of indigenous tourism targeting Austronesia and how it may benefit the economy of Taiwan.
Following conventions in the linguistic anthropology of Austronesia, I thus use Formosa (and the adjectival form Formosan) to refer to the geographical island and its Austronesian inhabitants in the longue duree.
Las lenguas africanas han sido clasificadas y agrupadas en siete familias linguisticas: camitosemitica o afroasiatica, nilosahariana, nigerocongolena, bantu, khoisan, kordofana y austronesia (Leclerc, 2010).