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Noun1.authoring language - software that can be used to develop interactive computer programs without the technically demanding task of computer programmingauthoring language - software that can be used to develop interactive computer programs without the technically demanding task of computer programming
software, software package, software program, software system, computer software, package - (computer science) written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory; "the market for software is expected to expand"
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This official training workbook from Adobe Systems teaches developers the basics of the Adobe Flash multimedia authoring program. Coverage includes (for example) creating symbols, working with text, adding animation, creating interactive files, and optimizing Flash content.
A new Flash authoring program has been launched by Tivity Software, an authoring applications producer.
DVD Studio Pro 4, Final Cut Studio's professional DVD authoring program, is the first commercially available DVD authoring software that lets users burn their HD projects to high definition DVDs based on the latest HD DVD specification.
At a wider level, he brought his thorough understanding of the local parish to the leadership of several national committees and boards, including Stewardship, Christian Education, Ministry, and Camping, authoring program materials for each.
MathType 5 is an authoring program that allows users to type out mathematical equations.
Because Web site design, construction, and start-up costs can be prohibitively expensive for new associations, IAMSE elected to use Netscape Navigator's Composer tool, a free Web authoring program (
Be sure to check the directions for your CD authoring program to determine which format should be used.
Adobe GoLive, the third most popular Web authoring program (, is a terrific program that's both easy to use and sophisticated.
Kinemage scripts may be generated or "authored" with any text editor if the author follows the proper formatting but, for generating molecular kinemages from coordinate files such as Protein Data Bank files, there is a menu-driven authoring program called Prekin.
IF YOU are toying with the idea of producing your own webpage, you need to decide if you will use HTML or an authoring program.
These options include having a programmer do it for you, working with a programmer, and using an authoring program such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or NetObjects Fusion 3.
These symbols can be added to whatever authoring program is being used.