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Of course, me being me - something of an authorly pedant - I couldn't resist looking up the word "bourgeois" in my dictionary to confirm my suspicion that it was as damning as it seemed.
Still, a trusting acceptance of these first-hand accounts, combined with authorly enthusiasm for the subject, leads to some naive claims.
The work includes vignettes on the techniques of fiction writing, impish in its rundown to the reader of authorly ploys such as point of view, withholding information, or use of present tense.
As cognitive poetics processes literary reading with both psychological and linguistic dimensions, it "offers a means of discussing interpretation whether it is an authorly version of the world or a readerly account, and how those interpretations are made manifest in textuality" (Stockwell 5).
And if seeing your book in hardcover on the shelf at Barnes & Noble is the culmination of all your authorly dreams, then you're going to have to keep slogging away at sending your manuscript off to agents only to be rejected .
With words that truly illustrate the correlation of fact and fiction, the uneasy wavering of boundary lines that seek to hold their form between the two, Muller develops his theory of Woolf's authorly shortcomings by use of natural metaphor:
The first time I heard one sound I reached for my coat and prepared to exit in an authorly manner (saving my books).
The chapter begins with the contention that Jonson's authorial ego should be understood as emerging in relation to other authorly self-representations, particularly Field's.
authorly beastly brotherly cowardly fatherly gentlemanly granddaughterly housekeeperly husbandly kingly landlordly manly marksmanly matronly miserly motherly neighborly queenly saintly scholarly wifely womanly, etc.
Marston's borrowings may lie at the heart of his early experiments, may seek an effect as felicitous as that achieved in The Fawn's Gonzago, and may represent his writings at their most individual, most distinctive, and most authorly.
In sum, mine is much like the playful perspective related by Paul Auster in his Borgesian detective story City of Glass, in which he cites and reiterates Cervantes's raise en abime of authorly self-reference in the following exchange on the authorship of Don Quixote between detective Daniel Quinn (another "D.
He put on his most somber, authorly expression and intoned, "I just hope that I keep on living.