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n. Computers
A function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered.

au′to·com·plete′ v.
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Used by over 30,000 developers worldwide, Stylus Studio offers features such as the only available XQuery editor and debugger, a best-in- class XSLT editor and debugger, a graphical XML Schema designer, a unique XML- to-XML mapper, a WYSIWYG XML-to-HTML designer, a Web Service Call Composer, and Sense:X(TM) auto-completion support throughout.
Previously, address auto-completion from more far-flung destinations, such as Andorra and Mexico, used up two credits per validation.
The new release introduces numerous enhancements and improvements to SoftTree's structured query language (SQL) auto-completion and visualization technology.
The Device Update includes auto-completion of legs of the trip when navigating to next point in trip and changes to log in process so user can select log in name from drop down and only enter password to log in.
Oddpost, on the other hand, lets users organize email via drag and drop, preview messages instantly, use address auto-completion, shortcut keys and everything else expected in a desktop email program.
Programming is simplified by capabilities such as auto-completion of SCPI commands, which eliminates the need to memorize command syntax.
The company, best known for its address auto-completion software, attributes its success to "a focus on using internet technologies to extract maximum value for business.
NET data access (DataSet, DataTable, ILIST, ITypedList, IBindableList) * Outlook-style GroupBy displays flat or hierarchical data by selected column * Programmable objects provide accessibility at every level of the grid * Column Styles include Multi-column Dropdown, calendar, masked edit and more * Save and Load Layouts to disk, the registry or a storage stream, aiding in corporations' ability to standardize their look and feel across all applications * Value Lists simplify associating data values with data display * AutoEdit Data Entry mimics Internet Explorer-like auto-completion * Multi-column sorting, Drag & Drop Group and Column Order * An easy-to-use visual designer that lets the developer visually construct the grid
Postcode Anywhere's Managing Director Guy Mucklow said: "The Wall Street Journal has always been at the heart of international business, so it's perfectly fitting that Dow Jones should be among the first American businesses to adopt this groundbreaking kind of worldwide address verification and auto-completion.
Red Gate SQL Prompt customers are switching to SQL Assistant to benefit from SoftTree's IntelliSense+ technology, 3rd-generation code auto-completion and visualization technology specifically developed for structured query language (SQL).
Postcode Anywhere's IT director Jamie Turner said: “The app simplifies the checkout process for your customers, enabling auto-completion of addresses from just one postal or ZIP code.
The new release introduces SQL IntelliSense+, 3rd-generation code auto-completion and visualization technology specifically developed for structured query language (SQL).