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Noun1.autoloader - a firearm that reloads itself
automatic firearm, automatic gun, automatic weapon - a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released
firearm, small-arm, piece - a portable gun; "he wore his firearm in a shoulder holster"
semiautomatic firearm - an autoloader that fires only one shot at each pull of the trigger
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Integrated with CMI's Cockerill 3105 type turret; the auto-loader 105 mm gun system is capable of firing all types of 105mm NATO ammunition and 105mm guided anti-tank missile.
We were getting the chance to put Federal's Black Cloud Flex (which can literally cut ducks in half as we found out one morning), FA blinds and decoys, plus Stoeger's M3500 auto-loader to the test.
Your staff should rename the publication "Auto-Loader" as that's all you seem to write about.
Fabarm has brought the quality and ingenuity of its upland and trap over/unders to the duck blind with this easy-running auto-loader. The trigger guard and safety are extra-large and the sculpted ejection and loading ports make for fast loading.
The all-steel construction units can be optionally equipped with a swivel boom, raised belt transfer, hydraulic tilt, articulating snout, auto-loader or a man-rider platform.
When coupled with computer-controlled gun aiming the auto-loader allows Multiple-Round Simultaneous-Impact (MRSI) engagements by even a single gun.
And the little auto-loader still comes in .32 and .380 ACP calibers, neither of which are considered "bone crunchers." So what's happened to the Guardian that sets it apart?
The biggest gain the company saw from the test was that it was able use an auto-loader, allowing one technician to monitor several machines.
The machine is available with the option of a stainless steel auto-loader for product feeding.
The rounds are loaded using a hydraulic auto-loader in the rear of the vehicle.
"The StorStation AIT auto-loader accomplishes all of this for us."
"When they removed the muzzle brake, the barrel slammed back so hard that it crushed the auto-loader."