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n. pl. au·toch·thons or au·toch·tho·nes (-thə-nēz′)
1. One that originated or was formed where it is found, especially a rock formation that has not been displaced.
2. One of the earliest known inhabitants of a place; an aborigine.
3. Ecology An indigenous plant or animal.

[Greek autokhthōn : auto-, auto- + khthōn, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]


(ɔːˈtɒkθən; -θɒn)
n, pl -thons or -thones (-θəˌniːz)
1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) (often plural) one of the earliest known inhabitants of any country; aboriginal
2. (Biology) an animal or plant that is native to a particular region
[C17: from Greek autokhthōn from the earth itself, from auto- + khthōn the earth]


(ɔˈtɒk θən)

n., pl. -thons, -tho•nes (-θəˌniz)
1. an aboriginal inhabitant.
2. one of the indigenous animals or plants of a region.
[1640–50; < Greek autóchthōn=auto- auto-1 + chthṓn the earth, land, ground]
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Noun1.autochthon - the earliest known inhabitants of a region
primitive, primitive person - a person who belongs to an early stage of civilization
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lv 402 outdoor facilities: topsoil covering including disposal 1 000 m 3 ; ground works (area and trenches) 1 700 m 3 ; plantations high trunks 30 st; grass and meadow crops, autochton 1 300 m 2 ; turf surface 650 m 2 ; asphalt, double-spread 1 100 m 2 ; extensive green roofs with fall protection 1 300 m 2 ; gravel strips and areas 250 m 2 ; concrete walls 50 m 3 ;.
Con respecto a las especies mas abundantes, Autochton zarex mencionada por VALENCIA et al.
ptolyca ptolyca (Bates) 2 NA Anthanassa texana texana (Edwards) 2 NA Aphrissa statira statira (Cramer) 1 3 Apuecla maeonis (Godman & Salvin) 1 NA Astraptes fulgerator (Walch) 4 NA Autochton cellus (Boisduval & Leconte) 24 NA Autochton vectilucis (Butler) 69 NA Autochton sp.