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n. Computers
A function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered.

au′to·com·plete′ v.
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Braun will showcase the benefits of its Infusomat Space Infusion Pump when wirelessly integrated with a healthcare providers EMR system by demonstrating its AutoCOMPLETE Integrated EMR functions.
YouTube tweeted an apology hours after one of the worst instances of autocomplete was reported Sunday on the Google-owned video platform.
Site Search offers users the ability to create customised search experiences; a user interface to configure advanced features, such as relevance, autocomplete, faceted search, and custom result ranking; and real-time analytics, reports and dashboards.
Test your own intelligence by predicting what Google will autocomplete by playing Google Feud: http://www.
The web-based app is powered by Enservio's SaaS contents platform and offers features like intelligent autocomplete typing, receipt and image uploading.
For autocomplete, the "report inappropriate predictions" link is at the bottom right of the autocomplete suggestions Clicking that link gives searchers an opportunity to identify the inappropriate predications and choose a reason, from Hateful, Sexually Explicit, Violent, Dangerous, or Other.
Google's autocomplete will tell you the searches other people are making.
56) Google's autocomplete function uses prior searches of others to help predict what you are searching for, (57) and in this unexpected way, becomes a window into the questions that large numbers of people are asking "when they think no-one is looking.
We took action within hours of being notified on Friday of the autocomplete results," a Google spokesperson told The Guardian on Monday.
Workwear specialist Stormline analysed Google autocomplete suggestions for 131 of the most common occupations as part of a campaign to challenge negative career stereotypes.
A nonsensical academic paper on nuclear physics written only by iOS autocomplete has been accepted for a scientific conference
One professor in New Zealand who jokingly submitted a paper written by Apple's iOS autocomplete has been accepted to present his 'findings' at a nuclear physics 'conference' in the US.