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n. Computers
A function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered.

au′to·com·plete′ v.
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Autocompletion for special characters works in text cells as well as input cells
Free and advanced paid editions of the SQL code formatter offer powerful autocompletion and formatting of T-SQL code that replaces native Microsoft T-SQL Intellisense.
Query autocompletion (QAC) provides a list of queries to search engine users from the moment that they start entering a query.
In 30% of the sample, Arachni was also able to find some form fields with password autocompletion option enabled.
Atom, Sublime Text and Emacs also have plugins available that add syntax highlighting and autocompletion support for Rust.
Simply type KGSP KVDF 170 in the dedicated waypoint search field (which has autocompletion, based on waypoint identifier) in the upper right corner of the screen.
Karma provides convenient autocompletion type-in fields to quickly enter the properties and classes, and also provides an ontology browser to find the appropriate property and class.
In order to support this, some tools have been developed for support users in a way called autocompletion. The underneath idea is about the simplicity and visualisation: users first select initial mashlets for their mashups-to-be; the system then recommends GP possibilities and relevant mashlets based on the mashlet repository and a collective wisdom from experiences of successful usages before.
To help ensure convergence in how didactic ideas are expressed, the dialogue input field provided suggestions for sentence autocompletion. Participants were advised to use these as much as possible.
Most users found that facets were useful as long as there were not too many of them to choose from, but autocompletion was regarded negatively as having too much of a pigeonholing effect on searches.
The material on is equally comprehensive, covering visual effects, drag and drop, autocompletion, building DOM fragments, in-place editing, sliders, and sound.