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or Au·to·harp  (ô′tō-härp′)
A musical instrument resembling a zither equipped with a row of buttons, each of which damps all of the strings except those forming a desired chord.

[Originally a trademark.]


(Instruments) trademark a zither-like musical instrument used in country-and-western music, equipped with button-controlled dampers that can prevent selected strings from sounding, thus allowing chords to be played. It is plucked with the fingers or a plectrum


(ˈɔ toʊˌhɑrp)
a zither having buttons that when depressed damp all strings except those to be sounded.


A small zither-like musical instrument popular in the early twentieth century.
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This Kennedy Center teaching artist explores Appalachian Mountain a cappella traditional ballads, guitar, autoharp, spoons and storytelling.
WHEN Rita Baldwin, a former staff member of Hamilton's Music Store in Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, recently met Mike Fenton, a former customer who bought his first records and first Autoharp from the store, the memories flooded back for both of them and here Rita takes us back to those days.
Most of the examples have "fake book" style notation, with chord symbols, suitable for simple piano, guitar or autoharp accompaniment.
As the frontman of Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds, the comic formerly known as Ade has ditched the safety pins through the nose for expensive grown up toys including the mandolin, the ukelele and the autoharp.
For me it was six months of learning how to sing and play the autoharp, five or six hours a day; six months of studying videotapes of June in concert.
We performed Iyengar's standing tree pose each morning, attuned our ears to the micro-symphonies of flawed indoor plumbing, and practiced ascending and descending scales on the autoharp every hour on the hour.
The first recording session was awful, terrifying,'' said Witherspoon, who also learned how to play the Autoharp.
According to the Los Angeles Times, he "played an autoharp and sang folk songs" for his listeners.
And the impressively varied sonic palette includes clarinets, autoharp, and 1980s-era video-game gunfire.
The soft strumming of an autoharp played by Richard Scholtz, and the lilting, melodic voice of Margaret MacDonald combine to provide an engaging media for storytelling.
In the original novel, Vance was very precise in his descriptions of the instruments and it was Anderson's challenge to experiment with different objects -- his two-year-old's toys, bits and pieces of assorted instruments, a collapsible pipe, an autoharp, and car keys -- to create the sounds.