grenade launcher

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grenade′ launch`er

any of various devices allowing a single soldier to launch small projectiles, as a shoulder-fired 40 mm weapon.
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The remote weapons station comes equipped with both a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher and a C6 flex machine gun.
Now, under the option clause, we would supply the automatic grenade launcher to the NSG and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)," Skofenko said.
62mm general-purpose machine gun and the Heckler & Koch 40mm automatic grenade launcher.
For engagement efficiency improvement, a 40mm air-burst automatic grenade launcher has been added to the Protector giving all manner of firing methods offered by such weapons, including string-of-pearls and air burst modes.
Due to the large size of the enemy convoy, our usual group was reinforced with a motorized infantry recon company and additional automatic grenade launcher and heavy machine gun crews, 67 men in all.
Army is scheduled this month to begin testing a new crew-served weapon system intended to be the successor to its MK19 40 mm automatic grenade launcher, according to John Harvey, business development manager for General Dynamics Armament Systems, of Burlington, Vt.
30mm 2A42 automatic gun and 30mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.
He was also shown some of modern Russian small arms, including a AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher and a RPG-7 portable anti-tank grenade launcher, as well as samples of camouflage-colored combat gear.
The Commandos offer good protection and boast some pretty serious firepower in the form of a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher and a .
7 mm machine gun and even with a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

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