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 (ā′tē, ä′tē, ä′tā)
n. Greek Mythology
The goddess of criminal rashness and consequent punishment.

[Greek Ātē, personification of ātē, fault, error.]


Past tense of eat.
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(ɛt; eɪt)
the past tense of eat


(ˈeɪtɪ; ˈɑːtɪ)
(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a goddess who makes men blind so that they will blunder into guilty acts
[C16: via Latin from Greek atē a rash impulse]
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(eɪt; Brit. ɛt)

pt. of eat.


(ˈeɪ ti, ˈɑ ti)

an ancient Greek goddess personifying the fatal blindness or recklessness that leads to ruinous actions.
[< Greek átē]


a suffix occurring orig. in loanwords from Latin, as adjectives (literate; passionate), nouns (candidate; prelate), and esp. past participles of verbs, which in English may function as verbs or adjectives (consecrate; considerate; translate); now used also as a verb-forming suffix in English (calibrate; hyphenate).
[< Latin -ātus, orig. =-ā- stem vowel of verbs + -t- past participle suffix]


a specialization of -ate1, used to form the names of salts corresponding to acids whose names end in -ic: nitrate; sulfate.


a suffix occurring orig. in nouns borrowed from Latin that denote offices or functions (consulate; triumvirate), as well as institutions or collective bodies (electorate; senate); sometimes extended to denote a person who exercises such a function (magistrate; potentate), an associated place (consulate), or a period of office or rule (protectorate); now joined to stems of any origin and denoting the office, term of office, or territory of a ruler or official (caliphate; khanate).
[< Latin -ātus (genitive -ātūs), generalized from v. ders]
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Noun1.Ate - goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment
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(iːt) past tense ate (et eit; (American) eit) : past participle ˈeaten verb
to (chew and) swallow; to take food. They are forbidden to eat meat; They ate up all the cakes; We must eat to live.
ˈeatable (negative uneatable) adjective
fit to be eaten. The meal was scarcely eatable.
(in plural) food. Cover all eatables to keep mice away.
eat into
to destroy or waste gradually. Acid eats into metal; The school fees have eaten into our savings.
eat one's words
to admit humbly that one was mistaken in saying something. I'll make him eat his words!
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pret de eat
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