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 (kăt′l-ōn′yə, -ō′nē-ə)
A region of northeast Spain bordering on France and the Mediterranean Sea. A center of socialist and anarchist activity in the late 1800s and early 1900s, it was granted limited autonomy in 1932 by the Spanish Republic. After Catalonian separatists unsuccessfully opposed the Falangist forces in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Catalonian national identity and the Catalan language were suppressed until after the death of Francisco Franco (1975).

Cat′a·lo′nian adj. & n.


(Placename) a region of NE Spain, with a strong separatist tradition: became an autonomous region with its own parliament in 1979; an important agricultural and industrial region, with many resorts. Pop: 7 012 600 (2003 est). Area: 31 929 sq km (12 328 sq miles). Catalan name: Catalunya Spanish name: Cataluña


(ˌkæt lˈoʊ ni ə, -ˈoʊn yə)

a region in NE Spain, bordering on France and the Mediterranean: formerly a province. Spanish, Ca•ta•lu•ña (ˌkɑ tɑˈlu nyɑ)
Cat`a•lo′ni•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Catalonia - a region of northeastern Spain
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power


[ˌkætəˈləʊnɪə] NCataluña f


[ˌkætəˈləʊnɪə] nCatalogna
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I've never visited Barcelona although I have enjoyed several Spanish beach resorts and sampled the magic of Madrid but I once employed a British teacher to write me a weekly column about life as an expat living in the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia.
In these times of economic crisis, Morocco offers enormous investment opportunities for Catalan and Spanish companies," Benkirane said at a joint press conference with the president of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Artur Mas, after their talks.
Madrid, May 17 (Xinhua-ANI): A fire raging out of control in the region of Tarragona in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia has destroyed around 2,400 hectares of countryside.

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