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(Medicine) any of various instruments for measuring the refractive power of the eye


n. optómetro, instrumento usado para medir el poder de refracción del ojo.
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Delivery of new, unused, and nerepasovanE'ch medical devices, and 1 piece of hand Autorefractor and 1 set ophthalmoscope - retinoskop, including all accessories.
com), the makers of the SVOne smartphone-based autorefractor, has partnered with VOSH/International (www.
Smart Vision Labs has developed a commercially available smartphone-based autorefractor, the SVOne, to enable accurate and fast mobile vision exams anywhere and anytime.
The static accommodation responses were measured using the WAM-5500 infrared open-field autorefractor (Grand Seiko Co Ltd; Hiroshima, Japan) [18].
The product line claims to be "a basic instrument portfolio for eye diagnostics" and alongside a slit lamp, includes a phoropter, tonometer, autorefractor and the portable Visuscout 100 fundus camera.
The results of this procedure determine the strength of lens needed to give you the best vision in each eye and should tally with the autorefractor and retinoscope results.
Members of year 3 are pictured with teacher Caroline Howarth, optometrist Azhar Iqbal and an autorefractor (PW110711Ceyes-01)
Rounding off its diagnostic portfolio, Carl Zeiss Meditec introduced the VISUREF 100, a combination Autorefractor and Keratometer, during the Joint Meeting.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its release earlier this year, the SVOne smartphone-based autorefractor from Smart Vision Labs (www.
TOPCON HAS launched a new combined autorefractor with subjective refraction, the KR-800S (pictured above), which the company believes is set to change the way patients are assessed for cataract surgery, or other forms of eye surgery.
Accommodative dynamics to a 2 diopter (D) step (2 D [left right arrow] 4 D) accommodative stimulus measured using the WAM 5500 autorefractor (Grand Seiko; Hiroshima, Japan) revealed significantly decreased peak velocity for both increasing and decreasing steps of accommodation in the group with mTBI when compared with the normal group.
Mortensen will be responsible for overseeing sales and market strategy initiatives for Smart Vision Labs' SVOne smartphone-based autorefractor.

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