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A chromosome that is not a sex chromosome.

au′to·so′mal (-sō′məl) adj.
au′to·so′mal·ly adv.


(Genetics) any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome
ˌautoˈsomal adj


(ˈɔ təˌsoʊm)

any chromosome other than a sex chromosome.
au`to•so′mal, adj.
au`to•so′mal•ly, adv.
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Noun1.autosome - any chromosome that is not a sex chromosomeautosome - any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome; appear in pairs in body cells but as single chromosomes in spermatozoa
chromosome - a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order; "humans have 22 chromosome pairs plus two sex chromosomes"
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Summary of literature pertaining to sperm retrieval in patients with autosomal and sex chromosome abnormalities Study Age Year Karyotype abnormality Autosomal chromosome abnormality Current case 42 2015 46,XY,t(4;8)(q31.1;q22.3) Ananthapur 34 2013 46, XY, t (2;11) (p14;q21) et al.
High-quality metaphase preparations were obtained from 29 specimens, of which 23 presented the same autosomal chromosome group: 2n = 74, in which autosomal chromosomes are acrocentric, and gradually decrease in size from the 1st to the 36th pair.
These shortcomings are, however, put into perspective by a multi-centre audit of 23 genetic laboratories, which found that, in over 98 000 amniocenteses performed after Down syndrome screening, only about 1% of autosomal chromosome abnormalities were not detectable by QF-PCR.
By convention, chromosome 1 is the longest autosomal chromosome, the next longest is chromosome 2, and so on.
Therefore, inheritance of a gene on the X chromosome is different from that for one on an autosomal chromosome.
SNPs information for every autosomal chromosome is given in Table 1.

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