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The genetic condition of a zygote, especially with respect to its being a homozygote or a heterozygote.


(Genetics) genetics the similarity or differences between DNA sequences on the chromosomes of a fertilized egg


(zaɪˈgɒs ɪ ti, zɪ-)

1. the characterization of a hereditary trait in an individual according to whether the gene pairs for the trait are homozygous or heterozygous.
2. the characterization of twins, triplets, etc., according to whether they are monozygotic or dizygotic.
[1945–50; probably derivative of -zygous (see heterozygous), on the model of viscous: viscosity, etc.]
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Genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism analysis: For genome-wide SNP analysis, we used 250 K Nspl SNP microarrays (Affymetrix) and analyzed data using AutoSNPa software (AutoSNPa.org) to identify autozygous regions in Family 1.
Barany and his colleagues report Identity by Descent (IBD) segments that are the same in sequence (autozygous) among individuals who have colorectal cancer.
A co-ancestry (or kinship) coefficient is the probability that an allele randomly drawn from one individual is identical by descent (autozygous) within the pedigree to an allele drawn from another individual and is equivalent in value to the inbreeding coefficient for these individuals' prospective offspring (Hartl and Clark 1989).