n.1.Profit; advantage.
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Meanwhile, the BSP said net availment of debt instruments - comprised mainly of intercompany borrowings or lending between foreign investors and their subsidiaries - reached $6.
Net availment of debt instruments (consisting mainly of intercompany borrowings/lending between foreign direct investors and their subsidiaries/affiliates in the Philippines) rose by 20.
Net availment of debt instruments-or the so-called intercompany borrowings between foreign direct investors and their subsidiaries/affiliates in the Philippines-rose by 20.
The proposed measure prohibits the availment of double discounts or combination of the student fare discount with other discount programs.
OPPORTUNITY: SSS representative Michael Ingal, left, and Filipino expatriates in Qatar promote the availment of Loan Restructuring Programme.
Total availment of commercial, thrift and rural banks fell 54.
Being able to receive the most applicable offers on time will generate immediate response from clients' thus increasing consumer awareness and possibility of availment.
Further, this Note contends that the focus when determining personal jurisdiction in a stream of commerce context should be on the intent of the defendant regarding the forum, which serves as a means of determining whether there is purposeful availment that creates the necessary minimum contacts between the forum and defendant.
While some Supreme Court Justices find justification of purposeful availment in a defendant's submission to a state's powers through his or her acts purposefully targeted at the forum, others believe that such a finding should be based upon the concept of fairness or reasonableness.
3) Traditionally, courts only considered in-forum effects under the purposeful availment prong of minimum contacts analysis, but in Astro-Med, Inc.
31, 2009 due to availment of term loans for the recently completed projects (MDF unit at Pantnagar), despite accretion of profits to reserve and equity infusion by the promoters.
Such contacts typically require purposeful availment of "the privilege of conducting activities" with the foreign state, rather than "random or attenuated contacts or the unilateral act of a consumer or third person.